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More Design Camp fun!

We’ve just finished a fabulous half term break where we’ve been designing and making passive amplifiers with a group of 9 to 13 year old students.

We started with a simple brief – I want to hear sound from my tablet/smartphone. We looked at passive amplifiers and how they work – testing a number of shop bought items until we felt we know what we wanted to make. The children then designed their own to work with their phones or tablets. They looked at the speakers on their tech and worked out how they would place the sound channels to make the most of the music they would play.

After working on this for a day it was time to create their designs in three layers of wood. They measured, sawed, cut, stuck, clamped and sanded until they had a speakersthat was just perfect for them.

Our final few hours were spent decorating and polishing so that our finished products looked as good as they sounded!

All in all another great success – 19 very happy pupils with 19 very different passive amplifiers!

Well done to everyone!