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Big Structures and Forest Schools

What a great evening we all had last night at the RCA in Kensington Gore. Our CPD session was really well attended. It was heartening to hear from some our our regulars how they have been using new ideas from our last meeting in the classroom and it sounds like lessons have been good fun.

Yesterday we looked in to scaling up and making big structures. Fiona MacDonald showed up how to make giant viewfinders in which the pupils can use themselves as subjects and we learned about a project she ran recently with children at the Olympic Park.

Olivia Woodward came along to share her Forest School ideas with us. She takes groups of 15 or so children into the woods next to her school and they build structures and shelters with any materials they can find. When asked how to check a structure was safe one of her pupils told us about the “kick test”, with an enthusiasm that made us all smile!

We also talked about our new favourite thing – borrowed from our friends Holly May Mahoney and Niall Morahan – a three sectioned board so we can record what we do under the headings -AWESOME IDEAS, EPIC FAILURES, and EPIC QUESTIONS. We love it!


Design as a Way of Teaching

Resized CPD image 22.1.15What a fun and interesting evening last night. We held a great CPD twilight session at the Dana Centre in South Kensington, where the 4th Floor is home to the RCA. Holly May Mahoney and Niall Morahan took us through some fascinating aspects of their PROJECT 42 (http://www.proj42.com/#welcome1) in which they try to encourage “fearless learning”.

Lots of lively discussions, and super tasks – opening food packaging with restricted sight and movement and building laughing houses – made for an entertaining and informative session with all our teachers taking something new back to the classroom.

Thanks to all!

Biomimicry 102 — advanced ideas from nature

The last of our CPD sessions for the school year 2013-2014 dealt with a range of ideas about the inclusion of biomimicry in the classroom, including:

  • Building a biomimicry handling collection
  • How to use biomimicry in the design process
  • A soapfilm practical
  • Playing with various Hexbugs and Strandbeests
  • Exploring the behaviour of four bar linkages